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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Officially Bored: Pizza & Ice Cream

Sunday morning, I woke up and sighed. It's the end of the weekend and I had nothing to do. Again. As I was watching Food Network, I couldn't resist the urge inside me to cook or bake something. I thought I was gonna go on a diet, but whatever :p In the end, I made spicy bbq carnitas pizza and sweet potato coconut ice cream. Yumm, the pizza was soooo good! Spicy, sweet, meaty, cheesy. I think the best I've ever made. The ice cream turned out really good too, smooth, creamy, sweet-potatoey with just the right amount of sweetness. Ahhh, pizza and ice cream always work for me when I want to kick away the end-of-weekend blah :D In case you're wondering, I'm not a vegetarian anymore, hahaha... I knew I couldn't stand avoiding meat, but now I still don't eat meat that much during weekdays just because I only cook in the weekends. Oh btw, you can find the recipe of the sweet potato ice cream here (I substituted the heavy cream and milk with coconut milk and water), pizza dough here (roll it thin if you want thin crust), the carnitas here. To make it spicy bbq carnitas pizza, just shred the meat and add your favorite bbq sauce. Layer Rotel's tomato habanero sauce, the shredded meat, and cheese on the pizza dough and bake according to the dough recipe's instruction. Alrighty, find the pics below, enjoy the rest of your weekend :)
 (I topped the sweet potato ice cream with toasted marshmallow fluff and shredded coconut)

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