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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rose & Rose Lychee Macaron Tower

I just realized that I have abandoned my blog for quite some time -__-" Working 2 different jobs day and night has been keeping me busy and I haven't had weekends or free time for weeks because of that.. I think I've told you in my previous posts :p But I still love it! I especially love it when someone saw my blog and ordered a macaron tower from me for her daughter's birthday, yeayyy!! Yesterday was her daughter's first birthday and she asked whether I could make a 25x40 cm macaron tower for her. The flavors she chose were rose and rose lychee in white and pink. It was a lot of hard work, baking the mini macs (I needed 230 mini macs to cover the tower), filling them, assembling the tower, making the base and the decoration. Phewww, took me a looong time to finish it. I was kind of scared that the result wouldn't be satisfactory, but thank goodness my worry was not realized. I loved the mac tower! But still, the customer might not like it and also I had to think of a way to deliver it without damaging the tower. The next day, my dad drove the car, my mom and I held the tower, and off we went to the birthday party location. I was soooo nervous, but thanks to my dad's great driving skill, we (including the tower) arrived at the party site safely :D After the party was over, I received a message from the customer and she said she and her guests loved the tower and the macarons tasted great, yeayyy again!! All that hard work actually paid off, I was so happy :) Anyway, I have to get back to work, below are the pics of the tower and til later!