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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Banana Green Tea Macaron, Huh?!

I had leftover macaron shells from making this cake. Although my friends and roommate were happy to just eat the shells without any filling, I wanted to fill the shells with a filling that I'd never made before. Also, in order to join this month's Mac Attack, my filling had to include fruits and/or spices. The idea of the filling started from a joke. One of my friends was sick (called J) when I shared my cake with them, so J didn't try it. J absolutely hates and cannot smell, touch, or eat bananas. Since my cake had a yellow peach jelly in the middle, my other friend teased J "Hey, don't worry that is not banana". Then I said, "Eeww, banana and green tea? Okay, banana is good by itself and green tea is also good by itself, but together? Don't think so." Despite my skepticism, my friend told me "I think they will taste good, I would eat banana and green tea together." Oh well, guess I had to make it to prove who was right.

So I made a ganache filling with pureed ripe banana, green tea powder, white chocolate, and cream. I tasted it and it was soooooo sweet, probably because the banana was already sweet and the white chocolate boosted its sweetness to a toothache-inducing level. I added 1 stick of melted butter to the ganache and thought that I would let it firm up and whip it to make sort of whipped ganache buttercream. At this point, I was totally experimenting and didn't follow any recipes. After the mixture firmed up, I whipped it with my mixer and the mixture looked slightly broken and was not smooth -__-" I figured the water in the butter and banana puree couldn't blend with the cocoa butter causing the mixture to separate. I took a spoon and tasted the mix, surprisingly it tasted pretty good! It was not too sweet and I could taste banana and green tea. I decided not to mess with it anymore, I thought of adding powdered sugar to bind up the water in the mix, but it would make it really sweet. So pardon me for the broken filling, I know it's not pleasant to look at, but trust me it tastes good and even my roommate who rarely likes macarons loves it :) Here are the pics, have a great weekend!


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