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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First Anniversary & Macaron Explosion :D

I didn't realize that my blog has been up for a year! Time flies so fast.. Since I didn't know, I didn't make anything special to celebrate. Plus, I'm sooo busy taking care of stuffs that I need to do before I move back to Indonesia for good. Finishing my thesis, subleasing my apartment, selling my car, packing, blablabla.. Yeap, I'm graduating this May, finally!!! Kind of sad that I'm leaving the US, but excited to go home too. It's a mixed feeling I guess. Anw, this week is spring break here at Urbana-Champaign, so all my friends flew to Florida or UK or somewhere exciting while I get stuck here -_-" Actually, I'm glad I didn't buy that ticket to NYC because apparently I had to repeat some experiments even though my thesis is due next Tuesday. Arggghhhh!! Although I have a lot of stuffs to do, I want to have some sort of spring-break baking project. You could probably guess what I'm baking, yesssss, macarons! Tons of it! My fridge is full of mac shells and fillings. I'm planning to fill them towards the end of the week so that they won't get soggy before my friends come back. This macaron explosion is my celebrating my blog's first anniversary, as well as my last "gift" to my friends here :) Below is the preview of my on-going mac project. I'll post the end results after I'm done filling them. Til later ^^
 The fillings
 The shells (from top left down: lime basil, hazelnut crunch, apricot rosemary, chamomile white chocolate, Mexican chocolate). Still have to make the shells for strawberry thyme and raspberry lychee.
 My shells for the Mexican chocolate one were very ugly (bottom right). They cracked during baking like a volcano, probably because of too much cocoa powder. They are still good regardless, but they just won't be included in the pics as much :p

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