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Thursday, April 15, 2010

First Macaron Sale!!

To gain experience working in a "food establishment" for my pastry school application and to cover the ingredient costs, I had my first macaron sale this week. I made 5 different flavors of macaron: black forest (chocolate buttercream + homemade cherry jam), red velvet (chocolatey shell + cream cheese buttercream), mango, honey lemon, and rose. I packaged 5 macarons in a plastic bag and sold them for $3 each package. Not really looking for profit here, hence the inexpensive price (compared to about $1.60/macaron in stores). Thanks to the support from my friends, the 26 packages I managed to make were sold out in a few hours. Yeayyyy!! I'm sooo happy ^^ I'll probably make this a monthly thing, so I'll sell macarons with different flavors each month. I thought of doing this twice-a-month, but it is impossible since my schedule is too hectic. Next month, I'm going to make lychee, avocado chocolate, blackberry, green tea, and banana caramel macarons. Can't wait for next month! Anw, here are some pictures of the macarons in this month's package ^^

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