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Sunday, April 25, 2010

End-of-April Mac Sale

I mentioned in my previous post (First Macaron Sale) that I'd have the macaron sale once a month. This week is the last week of April and I'm having my second mac sale already. Why? Because next week is finals week and I'll be extremely busy. Anyway, this time the flavors are banana caramel, green tea, apricot white chocolate, avocado chocolate, and lychee. The most interesting one for me is the avocado chocolate because I based the flavor on my favorite juice ever since I was a kid: avocado juice! It is a common beverage in Indonesia and is usually made by blending fresh avocados, sweetened condensed milk, and chocolate syrup. So, I made the buttercream with similar ingredients and the resulting flavor was close to the juice's. The most difficult one to make was lychee. I wanted to infuse as much lychee flavor as I could to the buttercream, but it was impossible without using lychee extract. To solve this problem, I added lychee juice to the buttercream and mixed in almond powder to keep it from turning into soup. Then, I made lychee jelly and pushed a piece of it into the center of the buttercream. I could taste the lychee in the macaron, I hope my customers can taste it too :)

Here are the pics!!

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