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Monday, July 4, 2011

Mom's Birthday

While everyone in the US is celebrating the Independence Day, we're celebrating my mom's birthday at home in Indonesia. I finally got the chance to bake a birthday cake for her :) I asked her whether she would like any particular flavor or cake type and she said "Up to you." As always -__-" I kind of hate it when people say up to you, because it makes designing the cake that much harder.. Anw, I decided to bake the fruit cream cake that my boyfriend loves so much, because the cake is not too sweet and I have all the ingredients on hand. The sponge cake rose beautifully, much much better than I've ever baked in the US. The crumb was soft and moist, I absolutely loved it. I used pastry cream lightened with whipped cream (creme chiboust) as the filling, no problem there since I've made that recipe for countless times. Then, I encountered my first problem: no long serrated knife to cut the cake. My mom only had a short serrated knife, so cutting the cake into 3 even layers was a struggle. Second problem: melting whipped cream. I have to say it again, I absolutely hate the heat and humidity in Indonesia! My whipped cream melted in no time, so I had to cover the cake as fast as I could. The end result didn't look as good as the other fruit cakes I've made, but I did think it tasted better, mostly due to the very successful sponge cake :D The cake was light and airy; the cream was fragrant, rich, but not overpowering; the fruits added a touch of sourness and freshness that complimented the cream very well. Overall, it was a delicious cake, too bad it didn't look as good as it tasted. Here are the pics as usual, til later!

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