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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Miel Patisserie Reborn :D

I've mentioned before that I've been receiving macaron and cake orders since I got back from the U.S. I'm moving step by step towards my goal of having an online dessert shop called "Miel Patisserie". Well, the ultimate goal is to own a real shop, but for now online will do just fine :p I was still in the process of making samples, taking pictures, and planning out all the details, so I hadn't think about the packaging design for my macs. My dad, however, disagreed with me. Since I've been receiving orders, I should have a good packaging with my shop name on it so that other people can find my contact info and order from me as well. Talking about advertising before anything official is set up -__-" Despite my disagreement, he went ahead and ordered some boxes and labels with my shop name, as well as my contact info, on them. I have to say the boxes look good, not as fancy as Laduree or Pierre Herme, but at least they're much better than the plastic boxes I used to use :) Below are the pics (rose lychee, violet, and green tea red bean flavors).


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  2. Hi Miel! I bow to you, my macaron Princess!! :) really, you are so so so good!! your macarons look really chic, really...French!! where are you located in Jakarta? I am in Kuala Lumpur but have family in several cities in Indonesia..would love to meet you when I'm there!

    (had to delete my earlier comment due to some really glaring typos!)

  3. Thanks! I love your macarons too, they're all perfectly round and uniformly shaped.. I'm in North Jakarta, would love to meet you too when you visit Jakarta :) Just post a comment on my blog or e-mail me at lilia_fransisca@hotmail.com whenever you're here..

    1. Hi Miel, i would love to order some macs towers from you for my wedding, where can i contact you? i tried to call your number but seemed to be non active,

      pls send your contact number to my email miel ^^ : mjhans_08@yahoo.com
      plus..i add your bb pin also, my name is Mely Jo.

  4. how to make the macarons hv shaded color effect on the top of the macaron's shell?

  5. I just brush the top with a little bit food coloring after they're baked :)

  6. Ok! Will get in touch with you when I'm in Jakarta! Thanks and keep on creating art! :)

  7. Dear, mungkin mau nitip macaron dari Paris? Kebetulan saya sedang travelling..

    Ladurée Macarons
    Shipped directly from Paris

    Pre-Order hanya sampai 27 May 2013 jam 24.00 WIB
    Pick Up 29 May 2013 onwards
    Bisa diambil di daerah Jakarta Selatan atau Serpong.

    Box of 8 : IDR 305,000 (box warna pistachio)
    Box of 12 : IDR 455,000 (box warna rose)
    Harga sudah termasuk box dan bag Ladurée yang cantik.

    Pilihan rasa
    - Vanilla
    - Orange Blossom
    - Chestnut
    - Coffee
    - Salted Caramel
    - Praline
    - Marie Antoinette
    - Lemon
    - Pistachio
    - Red Fruit
    - Chocolate Yuzu
    - Rose Petal
    - Strawberry Candy Marshmallow
    - Raspberry
    - Chocolate
    - Liquorice

    Bingung pilihnya?
    Favorit saya Marie Antoinette, Pistachio, Rose Petal, Strawberry Candy Marshmallow dan Vanilla.
    Yang juga populer adalah Salted Caramel.
    Silakan dipilih rasa apa saja, bisa mix semua rasa, bebas.

    Untuk order hanya bisa dilayani via
    e-mail : m@creatifbites.com
    Konfirmasi pembayaran bisa via:
    sms : +628561640077 (akan saya balas sms konfirmasi)
    Order hanya valid setelah pembayaran dikonfirmasi.

    Karena internet terbatas, sms mahal, please via e-mail ya.
    Atau sms info alamat e-mail, akan saya e-mail ke sis & agan.
    Hanya melayani pembeli serius.


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