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Friday, June 25, 2010

Thunderstorm and Bread Pudding

I hate Midwest weather. It can be really hot one day and pouring like there's no tomorrow on the next day. Take yesterday and today for example, it was super hot yesterday and we had a severe thunderstorm today. I was playing tennis with my friends when the lightning started, so we ran back to our apartment. After I got home, it began to rain like somebody just threw a bucket full of water from the sky. Chilly weather, rain, hmm... I suddenly craved for something warm, sweet, and creamy.. But what could I make? It had to be quick, simple, and easy.... Bread pudding! I got a loaf of Boudin sourdough bread that my boyfriend brought me 3 weeks ago and I had been meaning to make something with it.

Bread - check! Eggs - check! Milk - check! Sugar -check! I got all the basic ingredients for a bread pudding, but I had to make it more interesting. So I grabbed vanilla extract, chocolate chips, and bananas and mixed them with the rest of the ingredients. After 45 minutes, I was able to enjoy a bowl of warm, sweet, creamy, tangy bread pudding. The tanginess of sourdough worked very well with the sweetness of the custard and made it taste almost like cheesecake. And of course, you can never go wrong with chocolate and banana. Mission accomplished :)

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