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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Farewell Macaron Croquembouche..

It's May already, time for what? Graduation, of course! My boyfriend is having his commencement this weekend and I wanted to make something special to celebrate his freedom from his annoying professor =D So, it should be something colorful, fun, and delicious.. Aha!! Macaron croquembouche! I'd been wanting to make this for a looonggg time since I saw a picture of Laduree's mac tower. I didn't want to make a huge one, so I had to scale down the size of the macarons. First step, make some mini macs.

The right one is a regular size macaron and the others are the minis. I filled the mini macs with white chocolate ganache and caramel cream and put them in the freezer to firm up. Then, I covered the styrofoam cone (the base of the croquembouche) with plastic wrap and melted some white chocolate. Ready for assembly!! I applied a little bit of white chocolate on the minis and immediately sticked them on the cone. After the cone was completely covered, I put it in the freezer. The result?

Looked pretty good for a first trial. But something was missing... Hmm... cake at the bottom probably? So, I made a small round orange chocolate cake (vanilla genoise + orange cream cheese buttercream + chocolate ganache) and put my mac tower on top of the cake. Piped "Happy Graduation Rudy" with melted white chocolate, sticked them on the cake, and DONE!!


  1. Hello, Mactweets sister! I cannot believe no one has left a comment here. Perhaps you left everybody else speechless! =)

    I'm researching croquembouche and happy to stumble upon yours. Merci!

  2. WOW!! That's amazing! I'm planning on making one for a friend, and that looks awesome :) How did you stick them on the cone?

  3. I use white chocolate to stick them on the cone, but you have to make sure that the chocolate is well-tempered, otherwise it'll melt pretty fast :p