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Monday, November 28, 2011

Sorry Sorry Sorry... Again, Sorry!

As it is stated on the title of this post, SORRY... I've been abandoning my blog for I don't know how long. A little bit update of my life, my small mac business is growing and my daytime job has been making me busy too. Some of you may not know, but I'm working in my dad's woven label company during the day (yeah, some of you may think, "What?" coz it's totally not related to food). After work, I have to go home and bake until almost midnight everyday. Yes, including Saturdays and Sundays. So, I've pretty much been working non-stop these past months.

Thousands of macs and hundreds of cakes have been baked since the last time I updated my blog. My current bestseller is red velvet mac and red velvet cake. I know they taste delicious, but I didn't expect people to like red velvet so much these days. Is it just because of some trend? Or do they really like the taste? I know I do, but who knows what others think :p I'm currently preparing for Miel's Christmas package. It's nothing fancy, just a box of 12 macs and my seasonal flavors will be cinnamon apple, peppermint chocolate, and strawberry'n cream. I actually planned to make some kind of hamper with cakes, cookies, macs, etc for Christmas. Too bad, I think it'll be more than I can handle since I'm baking all by myself.

Anw, I can't share my recipes right now, but as always I'm more than willing to share pictures of my creations :D Some of the may look boring, because I don't really have time to style them with props etc. I promise I'll take more interesting pictures when I have time, which I don't know when *sigh* I guess, it's time to say goodbye again, til later y'all and wait for my better-styled pics :p

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