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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ichigo Matcha Millefeuille

Lately, I feel like I lose interest in everything except for baking. Don't know why. Just need to take a deep breath and move on I guess. Anw, I needed to relax my mind and, to me, nothing works better than making puff pastry from scratch. You have to be patient when you make puff pastry, fold, roll, refrigerate, again, again, and again. I baked the puff pastry until golden brown and woww.. it worked! I could see the flaky layers! Mmm... I could smell the butter too :) To make the millefeuille, I filled the baked puff pastry with sliced strawberries, vanilla and green tea pastry cream. I put the stack into the freezer for at least 15 mins and sliced it with a serrated knife. The flaky and salty puff pastry complemented the sweet and creamy pastry cream very well. The strawberries added freshness and helped cut the richness of the cream and pastry. It was a great combination :) Fhewww, I was definitely a little bit less depressed after eating a slice of that, lol. Probably I need to make it more often so that I can be happier :D For all of you out there who are feeling a little bit down, just a eat a slice of millefeuille or any pastry you love, you'll most likely feel much better afterwards ^^
 I also made some chocolate peanut butter macarons last weekend. Since I'm not in the mood to write, I'll just post their pics here as well :p


  1. Nice macarons! I tried making macaron perhaps ten times, but never turn out as nice as yours... some batches were fine, some batches didn't rise. Perhaps my piping skill too (which sucks big time). Wish could be consistent like yours. :)

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